Cloud Chasing

Dear Reader,

Thank you for waiting for this entry. I hope you enjoy.


Cloud Chasing

I want to experience love with someone who makes me see poetry while we touch. I want to speak in the tongues of Rumi. My new spiritual ritual, he is. I want to feel a heat at the base of my spine. That heat will rise to my naval and run down my thick, chocolate colored thighs. Put on repeat, that flame will rise to my chest and pulse with my heart emitting an energy so powerful it will kiss my teeth and I will spew the light of passion. Mental explosions of purposes will fill my head space and my feet will move toward justice. My steps guided by him lightly holding my hand as a reminder he is always with me. My steps lead me to heaven, my head in the clouds. Unconscious ingestion of sweet, warm ethereal precipitation. It is in my mouth. It is my skin. It is in my nose. I want to live here, with my head in the clouds.

My head is in the clouds and my Boo got me. He is on his Psalms 23 vibe. He knows how I am. He knows that I serve myself, the Universe, him, better this way. Deep breath in, clouds fill my pores. I am moist. Lying back, I close my eyes and blink in the clouds. Deep breath out, I release the pain of generations from my tear ducts. Holding my head back just a little more, parting my lips and exposing my tongue, I drink in the future. I feel it rolling through to my fertile places and I give birth to hope, song, and joy. My head is in the clouds.

He is always there, surrounding me with his sunlight to all at once inhibiting me from drowning, but letting me live in the waters of all that has been beautiful since time was not time. If this is what the Creator felt, I know why the Universe was brought forth. Celestial orgasms bring forth esoteric back spasms. Life is inevitable. My head is in the clouds.

My lover cleans my wounds of vulnerability so they do not get infected. He is my healing.

Dear Lover, I am waiting for you. I am the pretty one over here making drinks with her head in the clouds. I may have missed you before because I was cloud chasing, chasing clouds, and the rain was loud. Dear Lover…

Author: Claudia L. Shivers

I am a Mom. A grandmother. An entrepreneur. A Social Justice Advocate. A Community Leader. A Social Capital Builder. A Truth Teller.

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