I am a lover of words.
Words, I am your lover.
“I wake from my slumber
Miss how you put your love on me” -Daniel Caeser
Love make words to me.
Words, I want to have your baby.
Baby words will grow into paragraphs
Words, make love to me so I can have lots of little paragraphs.
I’m gone tach those paragraphs to be revolutionary
Revolutionary paragraphs turn the world around
Revolutionary paragraphs, revolutionary words
Words, I wanna be your lover.

Words, I love you
I am your lover.
I want to hear all the ways you roll off tongues
Words, I don’t want to miss not one of you.
I missed you, Words, and you broke out in riots.
I miss you words.
Don’t leave me.

I am a lover of words.
Words, I am your lover.

Author: Claudia L. Shivers

I am a Mom. A grandmother. An entrepreneur. A Social Justice Advocate. A Community Leader. A Social Capital Builder. A Truth Teller.

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